Admission Procedure

We believe small children are like wet clay and you can mould the according to the basis you impart, here only merit cannot be criteria. The criteria for the admission would be..

  1. The child should acquire the required are according to the requirement of the classes.
  2. Should have a good family background so that the child gets proper guidance at home.
  3. Should go through some minimum criteria test required by the situation.
  4. On transfer from a CBSE school with proper documentation.
  5. Application forms must be submitted before 31st march of the current academic year.

Admission Test

The admission test shall be held in the follwoing subjects

  1. English.
  2. Hindi.
  3. Mathematics.


At least 7 days notice in written is to be given duly signed by the Parents/Guardians before withdrawing a stuent from the school.